Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We all woke up from a late night chat and we tiredly lumbered to organize for the first dive. Everyone was excited to have this golden opportunity to connect with the marine life below our feet. It was our first experience of truly taking in the area surrounding our boat with none of the restrictions of just snorkeling. Even though this wasn’t the first time scuba diving for each of us, we all connected as a family. After scuba diving we had a few hours to chill on the beach and try windsurfing. A few of us got the hang of windsurfing while others tried and failed. This second new experience, for most of us, further connected us as a family unit. Reading that it is only day 4 and I am talking about how close we are shows the kind of kids and staff we have on this fantastic and mind-opening trip. It is now the end of day 4 and I continue to feel a close connection to everyone on this boat. Every kid is polite, hilarious, and at the right times, have a mature and profound understanding of themselves, others, and the topics we are learning. I am so blown away to have an experience like this and meet kids and staff that seem to be flawless.