Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was the first time we dove off the boat. Once on the boat, we all went to the deck to get our equipment ready and put it together. Once that was done our group got on our weights and were then quickly told what the dive would consist of, as well as what to make sure we should be doing, such as equalizing every few. After the talk, we were then ready to jump off the side of the boat. Our instructor Tucker showed us how and that we had to look straight and take a large step forward while holding onto our weight belt and our regulator. Once we were all in the water, we deflated our BCDs and sank into the water. For a first open water dive, it was lots of fun, although we did not see that much. As we neared the end of our dive, there were jellyfish all around us, and we quickly saw the pressing our alternate second stage regulator we could blow bubbles under the jellyfish. Once the jellyfish were away, we ascended to the top while equalizing. Once back on the boat, we took our gear apart and went back to our boat. Then we ate and sailed to a new place while practicing man over-boards. Then we went near the beach and dropped the anchor where we took showers and ate dinner. This was our fun day.