Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been one of the longest and most fun days yet! After waking up from a good sleep, we prepared cereal for breakfast, and almost right after cleanup, we started with our schedule. First, we rode the dinghy to the beach and partnered up for Pico sailing. It was super fun and Jaye, and I had a great time watching everyone capsize. Some of us also did windsurfing during this time. Next, the boat was split into two groups for scuba diving! We started in confined water to master our skills. It was the first time I’ve ever been diving, and it was like no other experience! After, we rode the dinghy back to the boat for lunch, which was a delicious mash-up of PB+J sandwiches, along with ham, turkey, Pringles, and Goldfish. We then split up again for waterskiing/wakeboarding, four people per dinghy. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. The wind and splashing water were incredibly refreshing. Once that was done, we all gathered on the beach to finish our skills for diving. After that most of us thought our night was done, but we still sailed, showered, ate dinner, and had a meeting with Mike, which included not just our boat but all the boats from AQ. Overall it was a great day, and we are all anxious to see what we’ll do next.