Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

To start our fun-filled day, we had our portions of the usual cereal and milk. After everyone was full and awake enough to start the day planned, we all hopped over the stern of our vessel and swam to the beach located a couple of yards from our yacht. Everyone had a great time riding the windsurfers, sailing a Pico, or just kicking it on the warm, sandy utopia. After two or so hours of trying these new activities, we jumped into the dinghies parked alongside our boat and rode into the salty blue as we attempted waterskiing and wakeboarding. My sad attempt of waterskiing on a previous day was more than enough for me. So I stayed behind with a few of my shipmates and bonded while we chatted over a snack and messing around in the water. Once everyone was back, we got right back in the dinghy and went snorkeling. It was so awesome! We saw tons of fish like lionfish, moon jellies, and a few barracuda. Once we were back, we sailed away from the beach after a lovely lunch of mac and cheese. Next, we cleaned the boat and cleaned ourselves with a daily shower, and everyone started to get ready for the party on the beach. The party itself was a total blast. The burgers were fantastic, and the potato salad was just as great! We all laughed and danced til sweat was rolling down our necks, and our heartbeat had the pace of a racehorse. The best part was free spinning. After a few grand hours on the sandy beach, we all caught a dinghy ride back to our boat and immediately went straight to sleep. It wasn’t like our average day at ActionQuest, but it was an extreme amount of fun, and everyone ended the day with a smile on their face and tired dancing feet.