Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started amazingly when we got to sleep in. Once we woke up, Alex, Jake, and I started to cook some amazing honey and cinnamon french toast. We were informed after that we would be heading to Trellis Bay for lunch, home of the famous awesome sandwiches. As we all rushed towards the cyber cafe to get there early, our stomachs started to growl. Little did we know we would be in port for a few hours today, giving us plenty of time to chill. This was the first day the 5 DMs did not have to do any official business. After we made it back to the boat, it was time to sail to Muskmelon Bay. During the sail, several of us did our reading and others socialized with some guests from other boats. Once we arrived, it was time to sort the laundry and start dinner. We all worked as a team to get it done fast so we could dig into some delicious chili and rice. After dinner, we showered and cleaned the dishes. Finally, the DMs sat around the salon table and applied physics concepts to diving, which was quite interesting. All in all, this has been a rewarding day, and I can safely say we are all ready for bed. Goodnight and sweet dreams.