Location: Marina Cay

Today was not all about us. We began with sailing practice to work on sharpening our sailing skills. We had a nice start as I pulled out of the anchorage and cruised through the islands at 8 knots, which is a very fast sailboat speed! We stopped for fresh water, and after maneuvering through all the boats, we were on our way to a mooring on a different island. At this island, we met Tyrone. Tyrone lived on the island and helped out with the damage caused by the hurricane. He told us about the day of the hurricane and showed us our job. We were instructed to different areas of the island by boat group. We cleaned as much as we could in the amount of time given, and we did pretty well. The locals seemed happy and gave us some free soda. We finished the day with nice showers and a smile on our faces. Tomorrow should be great!