Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started with yogurts, bagels, and melon. After a quick clean up we dinghied over to Sans Souci for our boat’s favorite activity, Zesting. The best part was when Eamon and Ashton capsized again and again. Then we came back to Blue Tide and got the boat ready to sail. We also are on a friendship bracelet making frenzy and continued making them too. While out on the water we practiced man overboard drills and practiced for our sailing practical coming up. Bean was able to get up to ten knots even with the boat having two reefs in the main sail. We also had a seagull friend following our boat. Once we moored we took our SCUBA test and everyone passed. Then we chilled in the cockpit, listened to music, and chatted about the day. Tonight’s dinner was Thanksgiving, and the stuffing was the fan favorite. Now Bean is making lemon muffins for the morning and we are prepping for tonight’s sail chat.