Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was one of the best days yet! For breakfast, we had pancakes, some fruit, and a strange mix of Gatorade and lemonade which ended up being yummy. After breakfast, we headed over to Tropical Oasis (the dive master’s boat) and got our gear to get ready for our first open water dive. We went 40ft down and saw amazing wildlife! We got to swim in and around a big coral reef with a tunnel. We saw many spotted drum fish, squirrel fish, angelfish, and even a shark! (small black tip shark) Both groups found this dive truly awesome. We stopped in the middle of our two dives to have lunch combined with both boats and got to get to know them better, which was a lot of fun. This all happened at Great Dog Island. After diving, we showered and sailed to Guana Island. After arriving, we did a nice long clean up of the boat before dinner. After dinner, we had a HUGE jam sesh while cleaning up from our meal. We sang along to High School Musical, Moana, Annie, and other longtime favorites. Naturally, you would think we would be very tired after diving, cleaning, and putting away all the laundry that we got back this afternoon, but we were able to sing and dance our hearts out after dinner! It was nice Blue Tide bonding time because we even got the boys to get into it by the end. Now we are preparing for a lifeworks activity before heading to bed. Overall, it was a great day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!