Location: West End, Tortola

It is an honor to write the last blog of the session, but it is also very sad. None of us can believe that we’re leaving tomorrow. For the past three weeks, we’ve been living together, eating together, sleeping together, brushing our teeth together- we have been doing EVERYTHING together. It’s going to be so weird not sleeping under the stars at night, being rocked back and forth by the waves and having the wind in our hair. For the last day, we decided to end with a great big bang. Today was the final race day, and we were in it to win it. After breakfast, we put up our new sail and set out. At the beginning of the race we were fairly far behind, but that only made us more determined to win. Our second big jibe (turn) was perfect and helped us catch up, after that we were cruising as any professional would. We were close behind two other boats by the time we could see the finish line; everyone was super excited. Somehow we managed to get in the lead and then of course we won. We were all in disbelief because we were pretty behind in the start at the race, we cheered for absolutely everyone in the BVI to hear. After the race, we took a break to have lunch.

We finished all the bread, peanut butter, jelly, and of course the three jars of Nutella. It was a great feast and afterward, we started the greatest cleanup session of all time. Our parents would be so proud (hopefully you’re all reading this and will reward us by letting us keep our emergency money!) We were all on our hands and knees scrubbing every inch of our beloved boat. It went on forever but we still managed to have fun. Tonight we are going to a BBQ with all of ActionQuest. They’re always really fun and I’m sure this one will be more bittersweet than anything. I doubt anyone will be able to sleep tonight, and we’ll all be on deck together as a crew for the last time. To all our readers and our families, get ready for all the stories and the inside jokes we’ll all attempt to tell you (warning: you probably won’t get them). For all the people who made this whole experience what it was, thank you for the time of our lives. To my crew, I love you guys so much, I know I will keep in touch. To Jake, Nick, and Averill, good luck with the rest of the summer, you guys are the BEST. On behalf of the entire boat, thank you, we love you, and you will be missed. Lastly but not least, always remember that no matter what, we are Knot Guilty.