Location: West End, Tortola

Today we all woke up to Marissa playing “Party in the USA.” We ate a breakfast of what we had left. After breakfast, we heard Kris coming in his dinghy, so we all got on the roof and sang the Star Spangled Banner to welcome our favorite Brit. Then we picked up the mooring ball and headed to our final dive at Pelican Island. We saw some cool life including squid, sharks, and a tilefish. After we picked up anchor and slowly began motoring to West End. On the way, we thoroughly cleaned the boat. It had to be spotless. Once we reached the dock, we cleaned the outside of the boat and were the first to finish and be released. We explored West End (again), hung out in the coffee shop, ate at Pusser’s, and checked out Ocean Star. Now we are showering and watching the last BVI sunset. All of us are excited to go but sad to leave, a sign this trip was perfect. I will truly miss every one of Odyssea’s shipmates and staff, but I look forward to my family and friends.