Location: The Bat House

We woke up at 8:15, which was later than usual. It was a good day to be able to sleep in a little because we had done so much work the previous day. We all pulled ourselves out of bed and had breakfast. Hugh informed us that we would be stomping our first field of grass. This means that we would use our feet to kill all of the weeds that weren’t indigenous to the rainforest. The field we stomped was eventually going to become a community garden. We approached a field where the grass was as tall as we were. We had to push it down and jump as hard as we could on the roots. We had fun racing through the grass, and some of us were even laying down in it. After a couple of hours of stomping, sweating, and hard work, Carly and Liam rewarded us with a trip to the rope swing. It was refreshing to jump into the fresh water after working in the fields. When our break was over, Hugh had us plant trees in a field by the rope swing. We planted trees the day before, so we jumped right into it. After another couple of hours of hard work, we earned some well-deserved rest and headed back to the Bat House. Hugh and our chefs for the day prepared an amazing eggplant lasagne for us. It was so delicious and satisfying. After dinner, we tried to watch the movie Marley and Me, but unfortunately, the player didn’t work. So we ended up just heading to bed early before another day of hard work.