Location: The Bat House

It was our first day at The Bat House. Breakfast was bright and early as usual, with cornflakes and my favorite, Nutella sandwiches. After all of our teeth were brushed and our rain jackets on, we were off to start our first bit of work to help rebuild the rainforest. We were assigned to plant around 20 trees as well as clear some of the unnecessary brush, weeds, and vines that were consuming the area. From the look at the start, it seemed as if it was going to take at least all day, but much too my, and probably everyone else’s surprise, within three and a half hours the overgrown section had transformed into a place full of new and blossoming trees. Our stomachs were empty and desperately seeking some attention by the end of our first block of work, so we set off for lunch back at the Bat House. With some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, lots of cheese, and some interesting lemon crush drink in our systems, we were ready to start another chunk of our service. Twenty minutes of walking later, we set our eyes on an empty, yet a weedy area that was crying for attention. We split ourselves up, began digging holes with giant crowbars, dumping chicken poop into the holes, which weirdly seemed to be the most popular and “fun” job out of them all, and setting the baby trees into the crevices until two large areas were now flourishing with the next generation of Daintree Rainforest plants. None of us had been so tired the entire trip by the end, but also never felt so rewarded and proud of ourselves for leaving such a huge mark on this beautiful land in such a short amount of time… But now, everyone’s favorite part of the day: dinner! With the help of Hugh, our chefs for the day prepared my favorite meal of the Rainforest trip, Nasi Goreng, a sort of fried rice dish with homemade crispy chips, and a large glass of water to rehydrate after a long and tiring day. Yawns quickly went down the line of us as the day came to a closing, and our first community service work had been completed. Great job everyone, only two days left.