Location: The Bat House

This morning we all rolled out of bed by an 8 am breakfast call from Carly and Liam in the Daintree Rainforest! Today is our last full day of work, and we all had to put in our last efforts towards regrowing the rainforest! I ate yogurt, and homemade rainforest granola and others had the typical bread, Nutella, peanut butter, jam, fruit, cereal, and milk made from powder! After our lovely, relaxing, breakfast we got dressed in pants and long sleeves, not because it was cold out, but because we were going to be forest stomping again and we didn’t want to get scratched by thorns or anything! But we all got down and dirty and stomped off the last part of the rainforest the mad scientist, Hugh, has been regrowing for 25 years! We stomped until 11 am and then made our way to the beach! Some of us played an intense game of soccer that got extremely heated when A LOT MORE PEOPLE from different groups jumped in to play! Some of us lay out, took walks, ate popsicles… all in all, it was very relaxing and a wonderful break! Then we went back to Hugh’s land and had a nice refreshing lunch before going back out to cut non-native vines and kill the ends with poison! Our last break to the rope swing creek was today, and it was very fun!!

I didn’t rope swing; I just read my book with Ana, Alexandra, and Carly, ate food from the market and hung out. We all then took cold showers which we are starting to acclimatize to. The first two days here the shower was a bit hard to get used to; coming from taking steaming hot showers to now what feels like frostbite, it was a bit of a switch. Now I’m starting to look forward to these refreshing showers! However, I remain a little timid when using composting toilets! But it’s still so awesome here. I love everything! The dinner tonight topped off the night; we had a barbeque! Sophie and Alex were the cooks, and we had hamburgers and hot dogs and vegetable kebabs with soy sauce!! Mmmmm DELICIOUS! We finished off the night by packing to leave the next day at 2 pm! And then had a nice cozy sleep in the Daintree rainforest!