Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today started great and ended great. First, after waking up, eating amazing pancakes and clearing customs, we docked on what is known to be a haunted dock. The story is of two 1800’s British Soldiers, the ones with red coats, still, haunt the dock. After docking, Jonah finally felt comfortable to put pressure on his right foot after his fall in the source two days ago. It was funny watching him limp behind everyone, and it was very unusual because he is normally in the front. When we came back from the dive shop, we sat around the boat and waited to eat lunch and go back to the dive shop to try on BC’s, stuff you need to for scuba diving. As soon as we got back to the boat, everyone had free time. The majority of us went to the museum that was originally the place where officers slept. After looking through both floors of the museum, Jonah was being funny and got three (3) hats, one of which said Skipper and the other two said Crew. Then everyone came back and played some cards. We then played a game with the volleyball in which you have to name an animal before or during you hit the volleyball. After the game, we took Hibiclens showers. Tomorrow will be very interesting to watch