Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started our early as we left from Great Harbor, Peter Island and sailed to Cooper Island. The Neptunes all got together and had to do two wreck-training dives so that we could get our wreck diving specialty certification. We had to reel a line throughout the wreck during the first dive. Meanwhile, the Dolphins did a fun dive at Blue Chromis Reef. We all got to do swim-throughs on the Beata Wreck, and it was super cool. After the Neptunes finished their second wreck dive, we motored back to GHP to stay for the night. Once we arrived at GHP, Justin excitedly got together a team to go on an adventure of a lifetime: a quest to catch a goat on the nearby island and plant it on another boat in our fleet. We gathered our troops in the dinghy along with some old bread and rope. We arrived on shore, and we began our mission. We climbed through rocks, bushes, trees, dirt, cacti, and finally found ourselves at the top of the hill. It was around sunset, and the view was incredible. At this point in time, we had not been able to capture any goats but luckily was had Leah, who is one with the goats and can communicate with them. She began to call out to the goats, and suddenly one started coming our way. After many laughs and goat calls, we decided to call it a day and eat some delicious breakfast for dinner. After dinner, all of the Neptunes took their Advanced diver test, and we all passed! The Dolphins presented their projects that they had been working on. It has been a very eventful and exciting day, and we are all so sad that the trip is coming to an end.