Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Alexa, Hailey, Emma and I woke up at 2 am this morning to prank Luna Kahuna. Two hours later, we realized we weren’t the only boat pulling pranks. We had been pranked by Pure Joy. After refusing to do Pure Joy’s demands this morning to get our utensils back, we received the name Sour Our for the day. At about 9 am, we were back where we began in West End. We headed to our dive site for the day, the Fearless wreck. Since I couldn’t equalize my ears, my skipper and I came up with a way to redeem ourselves from the name Sour Our while my shipmates were underwater. We then began watersports and ate dinner. After dinner, the whole boat piled into the dinghy, and we headed over to Pure Joy. They gave us a list of instructions to get our silverware back from them. The demands were for us to dance in front of all of Dive Side. Initially, some of us refused, but after persuasion, we all went and redeemed ourselves with an awesome dance in front of Pure Joy.