Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We started our day at the brisk hour of 6:30 am. Unfortunately, a few shipmates (who will not be named) decided to wake up at 7:15. We then went for a moonwalk dive, where we exchanged our flippers for extra dive weight. From there, we descended 40 ft. And did not go any deeper because we listen to our instructors. We then saw a stingray that played a nice game of tag with us. Once we surfaced, the heroic Jake saved the life of a baby septopus who was named Jake Jr., after his brave and strong father. We then sailed to Road Town for some delicious grub where Maggie and Scarlett enjoyed pints of ice cream. From there, the epic and famous sail race commenced with Greta at the helm sailing at the speed of light. We had a rough start, starting in the last place but thanks to our gnarly crew we were able to finish in close second place but unfortunately “If you’re not first, your last!” – Ricky Bobby. We then arrived at Norman Island in the Bight, for dinner and sleep. While dinner was being cooked, the AVERYage height and skillful Avery trimmed up the intelligent and handsome Jake’s beard with some pomegranate shaving cream. When dinner was finally a go, we had some delicious broccoli cheddar soup to celebrate the 4th of July followed by some lovely stargazing to make up for the fireworks. I have only had broccoli cheddar soup one other time, it was at a Panera, and I have to say I like AQ’s soup way more but that’s just my personal opinion. But if you’re ever at Panera I recommend ordering the Mac n cheese; it is the best thing to eat on a cold day.