Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up bright and early at 6:45 am to some nice music. We then had a quick breakfast consisting of strawberry banana yogurt and some bagels with cream cheese, then set sail for Cooper Island. Once we arrived at Cooper Island, we got out all of our dive gear and jumped in for a fun dive on Blue Chromis reef. We saw many cool fish, one of them being a tarpon (which is a very big fish). It was very nice to dive again considering most of us haven’t gone diving for a while (with the exception of yesterday’s check out dive. After the dive, it was time for lunch which we were all super hungry for after our dive. We had some very tasty PB&J sandwiches. After eating, we did a bit of a knowledge review for navigation and night diving. We then went for a swim before we moved over to Savanna Bay. During the two hour motor over, we shipmates played a couple of fun games, and when we arrived, we got to do some water sports. Some of us learned how to water ski! We washed up and then ate some cheesy pasta for dinner. After dinner, Sam came over for a Lifeworks forum along with shipmates from two other boats on dive side (Luna Kahuna and Pure Joy). We talked about appreciating life and what we have and how we should focus on the good and not the bad. We are now heading off to bed. I’m excited for another fun day tomorrow!