Location: White Bay, Peter Island

This morning we woke up at the brisk hour of 6:30 am. We then had a wonderful breakfast of cereal and frozen milk. After breakfast, we cleaned up and headed to Pussers because AQ Director Mike was giving a presentation. Once that ended, we left the dock and set sail for Peter Island. By the time we arrived at Peter Island, we were sweating buckets, and we all eagerly jumped in the water for our swim test. Once we finished our swim test, we set up our dive gear and eagerly jumped back into the crystal clear water for our first dive this summer! We got out, had a debrief and jumped back into the water for our first saltwater shower. After showers, we got dressed and gobbled up our dinner. We are cleaning up from dinner and prepping the boat for the dive side meeting tonight. All in all, today was amazing, and I am very excited to get to know my crewmates better through this incredible adventure that we have just begun.