Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was exceptionally fun! The day began when the Neptune and Dolphin students split apart to engage in different activities relating to their specific programs. The Dolphins gathered on Luna Kahuna and went to the Sand Circles, a dive spot names for its distinct near-perfect circles of sand. While diving we worked on our navigation skills, as it is easy to become disoriented underwater. Among a plethora of brightly colored fish, turtles and pufferfish were seen, making the dive both educational and beautiful. While this occurred, the Neptunes were engaging in fun activities ashore the stunning beaches of Virgin Gorda. After lunch, the two groups switched, with the Neptunes getting ready to dive into the crystal clear water to practice navigation and the Dolphins going ashore to examine the differences between the leeward and windward sides of the island. While the Neptunes learned how to navigate where they were going underwater, the Dolphins learned about how wind patterns affect waves and the biodiversity of different parts of the island. The day ended with a laughter-filled saltwater shower, a great dinner, and singing and dancing during cleanup. As per usual, the squeeze was both hilarious and heartfelt, allowing each person to introspectively view themselves and express their emotions in a judge-free environment. We then went to a night dive lecture that the whole dive side of AQ attended. Although the day started with AQ being divided, the night ended with an entire group of people from various backgrounds being united once again.