Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was the day of ultimate diving. As soon as we finished the breakfast (and cleaned up of course) both Rescue and Neptunes had their lectures. Then all of us had a successful navigation dive. After a pretty nice and bumpy sail, we all did a fun dive. The Rescue group separated and fortunately no one got lost! The Neptunes finished the dive with some back flips and dancing underwater. It was so much fun! Everyone loved the lunch (who’s not hungry after two successful dives) on the way to Savannah Bay. Pure Joy won the “race” and was first to the bay. We had a delicious dinner with Mike, the director of AQ. And here comes the time of getting to know each other better! The question during the squeeze session was “what’s your favorite place in the world?” It turns out that we love so many different places but one unites us: the ocean. Then we had another chance to connect our hearts with the cards. I could feel us growing closer and being more like friends than strangers. There are still some group meetings between boats coming- the day hasn’t finished yet! I can imagine how deep we will all be sleeping tonight. I can’t wait for the next day full of adventures!