Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up at 5:30 am to leave Savannah Bay and move to the Baths. After a half hour of sailing, we ate breakfast and then swam to the shore of the Baths where we explored and climbed to the high rocks above the water. Once most of us made it up to the top, we got ready to jump off the top of jumping rock. After a few hours, we went back to the boat and moved to Spanish Town where nobody actually spoke Spanish. We ate some good burgers at a restaurant and then sailed to Mountain Point with a new inflatable duck strapped to the stern. The Neptunes learned about Fish ID while the Dolphins had an Underwater Naturalist lecture and then they all went snorkeling. The Rescue divers trained in the water on how to help panicked divers at the surface. We all got a chance to save each other’s lives and everyone made it which means that we all did a pretty good job too. After broccoli risotto and biscuits, we ended the night with a night dive for the Neptunes and Dolphins and a really fun natural navigation lecture for the rescue divers.