Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had a super early morning. We started sailing at 5.30am. In all fairness though, none of us were actually up until around 8 am. When we arrived at White Bay we had a navigation dive. One group saw a turtle while they were down there which makes me pretty jealous. We left pretty soon after that and headed over to Mountain Point. On the way, we had super yummy deli sandwiches and relaxed for a little while. After a quick talk about our surface skills, we had 5 minutes to fully assemble our scuba gear. This is much harder than it sounds, but with practice, this will become much easier. We practiced towing divers and handling a panicked diver. In all honesty, pretending to be a panicked diver is really hard, but as Nolan always says, “full send”. We headed over to Savanna Bay afterward and got to relax and take a Hibi-cleanse shower. In my personal opinion, Hibi showers are the best showers. We just finished the yummiest dinner of Alfredo pasta, garlic bread and salad. Then we will probably watch another rescue video tonight. The weather was beautiful today and we had a lot of time to relax so overall today was super awesome!