Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Our first day was packed with fun adventures. This morning, we woke up bright and early at 6.30am and ate cereal for breakfast. Afterward, we had our dock talk with Mike with all of the other campers. It rained on us a little bit but there was a huge rainbow above the docks which was something amazing to see at the beginning of our trip. We had a little more time after the chat to check out where we were docked before we left for our next location. We sailed and got some of our rescue work done in our workbooks. Once we arrived at our destination, we got a dive chat and got ready for our swim test and our very first dive! The swim test was easier for some but all of us passed with flying colors. Our dive was just a refresher, but it was amazing for us to all be back in the water! We had some more downtime, then we all went for a swim and showered. We had Sloppy Joe for dinner and jammed out to some tunes while we cleaned up. And finally, we ended the day with our first rescue video and met with the other shipmates once again. Overall, an amazing start to our fantastic trip.