Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started early at 6.15 with a motor from Mountain Point to the Baths. After a quick breakfast, we all departed for the Baths and swam to shore. At first, we jumped off of the high rock into the water and relaxed in the surrounding tide pools, but we eventually made our way to the snorkeling area. While snorkeling, a group of us, lead by our dive instructor, Dan, swam through a small underwater passage into an air pocket under the rocks. After splashing around and seeing how loud our echoes were, we headed back out and back to our boat. We had lunch and ice-cream at Spanish Town, then motored back to Mountain Point. There, we dropped anchor and did some surface skills. We practiced pulling students pretending to be tired divers onto the boat, and also practiced swimming out to panicked divers and giving them a floatation aid. Our “panicked divers” were shipmates pretending to be in distress who wouldn’t hesitate to dunk us underwater if we got to close. To end the day, we had a quick shower and had cheddar broccoli for dinner.