Location: BVI to Saba

Our first passage day started out slow and easy with a trip to the beach at Savannah Bay to relax and swim in the water. We were all excited but a bit nervous for the first night passage. After returning to the boat we had mac and cheese for lunch before sailing to Spanish town to prepare for the passage. We cleaned out the boat, fuelled up, took showers and all held hands with Wind Shadow to wish each other luck before heading out. That night for dinner we had chili and rice. Our shifts were 3 hours on and 6 hours off. During shifts we spent our time talking or playing games, trying not to fall asleep, watching the stars and then the first light come up over the water. It was a long night but made it all worth it as it became morning and the huge rock formation of beautiful Saba appeared we all sat on deck slowly starting to recover and smiles reappearing. We finally got food and water into our systems during “brunch” as we also made fun of our throwing up stories and listening to the CD Meghan and I made. Overall an experience I will not forget with beautiful sights and now we’re ready for next passage!