Location: Saba

After finally ending our long passage to Saba, we were all pretty tired. We had a big clean up and then ate a yummy brunch of PB&J and oatmeal. Once everyone had recovered from seasickness we all went for a swim to cool off and shower. Margaux set up a boom swing, and we had so much fun trying to flip off it. Even though nobody succeeded in a flip, we all enjoyed watching the funny fails made by Mo, Jack, Max, Aiden, Gabe, and Blake. Mo, Farah, and I are making vlogs every day to remember the great times we are having. After we had time to relax and do our homework for sailing before dinner. The chefs, Max and Hannah made DELICIOUS beef stroganoff. Later tonight we are going to relax and have a movie night. I’m super excited for a fun-filled day tomorrow of our first scuba dive and exploration of Saba.