Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

We got to sleep in early today. Got up at 8 am instead of 7. We also had something for breakfast other than cereal. We had eggs! Whoohoo! After breakfast, we had to separate. Me and the rest of the Neptunes had to leave and be on Boss Lady by 9 for a review over navigation. The Dolphins and the Rescues had to go their different ways. Sam, the dive director, reviewed navigation with us. Then we went to the shore to practice working with a compass on land. We stuck a towel over our heads and tried to walk in a straight line and straight back only to use our compass. That didn’t take very long though. I met some awesome guys from Miami and a girl from Washington. We also got to have the pleasure of having some other people from another boat come and eat lunch with us. After lunch, we put our navigation skills to the test underwater. We were sent out in pairs with a heading and had to go out a certain distance and come back using only our compass. We all got back of course. Well, the day isn’t over. The Rescue group just got back, and dinner has started. It couldn’t be better here.