Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started our day out waking up early and having breakfast then setting sail for the Baths where we took the chance to climb through the caves and jump off huge rocks into the crystal clear Caribbean ocean! When we were done, we all took freshwater showers on our way to Spanish Town! Everyone was pumped to head to town for lunch for some burgers. After a great lunch, everyone headed to the store to load on snacks until the next time we went to the port. Once everyone was back on the boat we headed to Mountain Point where the Dolphins and Neptunes were going to have their first-night dive. Although many of them were nervous by the end of the dive, everyone loved it! Rescue tagged along on the dive. After the dive, we took night showers. After we cleaned up, we had banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips which were a perfect snack to end our night! Savannah Bay to Baths-1.6 nm at 259 degrees. 1.9 nm at 162 degrees. Baths to Mountain Point-3 nm at 0 degrees. 2.3 nm at 44 degrees.