Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was very fun and eventful! We started the day with refreshing frosty flakes with diced pineapple and cantaloupe. Then we got ready for a thrilling and educational dive. The Neptune and Dolphins split up into two different groups. Aiden, Abby, Ines, and Evan were a part of the Dolphin team. AJ, Max, Max, Fiona, Madison, Marley, Riley and Elena were a part of the Neptune team. The task at hand was to find five vertebrates, four invertebrates, and two plants. It was a real spectacle! Seeing all these wonderful and splendid creatures are what Action Quest is all about. Mixing fun with education, and it’s a great mix! The Neptunes did an underwater Naturalist dive. They also had a boat lecture on ‘The Entertainer’ boat. Dolphins had an underwater Naturalist dive as well. They also went for a mangrove snorkel. They saw baby barracuda, lobsters, and a turtle. It was wonderful and lovely. I would love to have this amazing experience again!