Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up bright and early to start off an exciting and memorable day. We had the pleasure of eating pancakes this morning. Most of us ate them with Nutella. Definitely the best breakfast so far. After we filled ourselves up, the Neptunes set off to another boat do a knowledge review for the upcoming dive. We went back to the boat and ate a delicious lunch. Then we had a relaxing sale to to Great Harbor Peter. Many of us took refreshing naps. During the sail, many things happened. When we finally got to our destination we got ready for our deep dive. We got to bring eggs down with us, and when you crack them at depth, the yoke would look like a ball and we could pass it around. We got to about 65feet and it was a lot of fun. After the dive, we took a surprisingly rejuvenating salt water shower. We all sat here together to have a yummy Mexican dinner. It was definitely one of my favorite dinner. After we had another knowledge review about wreck diving. I can’t wait for tomorrow. During the morning, the Dolphins helped food the boats. In the afternoon, they had an underwater photography lecture and got to take pictures using an underwater camera during the dive.