Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started this morning off at 6.30am when we sailed to our first dive site, Coral Gardens. After arriving, we had a lovely breakfast of eggs and toast! After, we prepared for our first fun dive. During the dive, we saw a nurse shark and a big lobster! Both were just chilling while we observed them. After the dive, we sailed over to our next dive spot, The Chimneys. While diving there, we swam around big rocks and saw lots of fantastic fish. Our lunch for the day was some wonderful mac and cheese. Then, everyone got some work and chill time while we sailed back to Mountain Point, our anchor for the night. Once we arrived, we had a meeting with all the other Neptunes and Dolphins to discuss our underwater naturalist review. We then showered and prepared for a dinner of Garden burgers. This evening, we got the chance to do a lifeworks forum all on our own. The day was a perfect mix of chill and adventure. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!