Location: West End

We woke up from a long night of writing cards to our shipmates, friends, and staff. We ate a hearty but hasty breakfast of cereal because we had a race to win. The race was from the place we spent the night, the Bight, to Road Town, and then back to Great Harbor. The race was about two hours long, and we ended up coming in second but had a lot of fun. Then it was time to sail to our final destination, West End. On our way, we had a boat appreciation. Everyone on Changes was assigned a job, and we cleaned every spot on Changes. When we docked at West End, we finished cleaning and got shore time. During shore time we bought snacks, ate lunch at everyone’s favorite restaurant D’ Best Cup or Pusser’s, and spent a lot of time shopping. At about 6:30 pm, there is a BBQ at Pusser’s. We will have burgers, hot dogs, and salad. We will enjoy eating and spending our last night as a family together. No one wants to sleep tonight, so we will probably stay up all night talking, gossiping, and laughing about our time at AQ. In the morning we will all part ways and go home, which I’m pretty excited for. I will always remember this boat in particular. In all of my years at AQ, this boat has been my favorite. I’ve made a second family and will miss all of them.