Location: West End

Every journey begins with a single sail (or something to that effect!), and so ends my first sailing venture with ActionQuest. What a journey- an adventure it’s been! I have been a diving professional for 11 years, and so I was very excited to be placed with a group of 12 PADI Divemaster apprentices; to help transform them into dive superstars. Changes was not like being in class; instead, it was a three-week team building exercise, which every shipmate was instrumental in, without exception. Chef Charter kept our bellies satisfied, David, Alex, and Matt amused us with witty stories and mischievous smiles, Sal always had the right tool for any situation, Ethan kept us grounded, and Ivan stopped the team from settling for less than the best. The girls, Alora, Emelia, Maggie, and Rachael, kept us fit with dance workouts and smiles with their infectious bubbliness, and Raul laughed a lot, loudly, in a high pitched voice, while all of the above! But the team only worked because everybody could, and would, do all of these things. Everybody was a dance instructor, we all were chefs with specialties, your next smile could be instigated by anybody, and despite such a diverse mix of personalities on board, nobody was ever excluded. It was great working alongside Monika and Jake, and fortunately, we get to do the same next session. We all agree that we would happily keep everybody else on board too. It’s a family, and it will be hard being apart.