Location: The Bight, Norman Island

In what seems like the blink of an eye, we are already at day 19 of our voyage; our last night out at sea before returning to port. So much has passed in such short time a nearly instantaneous 20 days! But we are all so happy we have had this experience. Every moment has been enjoyed, and we are at the last moment of mastering dive! (As Divemasters…) What a day it has been as well! We started with an early trip to dive side for some search and recovery scenarios and rescue skills with the rescue students on Love of My Life. They impressed us with their professionalism, but we weren’t too shabby ourselves (we just needed to get the rhythm with those rescue breaths and gear removal).

After that, the majority of us headed to Road Town for some awesome shore leave, while a team made up of myself, Emelia, Alora, and Sensei Jake headed over to Mike’s boat Pelican Pat to help Alora with some missed dive skills (thanks to an ear infection). Jake assigned Emelia and I some problems to demonstrate as “open water students” while Alora acted as our DM to help fix them. She did an excellent job with the skills demonstrated, and we both knocked the “stress test,” that dreaded display of equipment exchange, right out of the ballpark! We then finished a nice morning of diving with a lunch graciously delivered by Mike from shore before setting off to the Bight on Norman Island. We then reunited with the Changes crew once again, who had a fantastic day at Road Town, showered, and got some snacks from a roaming snack boat called Deliverance. At the moment we are preparing our dinner and having a mini dance party while the staff members are at a meeting. But most of all, we are awaiting that solemn moment of which we must write cards to our shipmates, which will signify our voyage is truly coming to a close… At the same time, if there is anything AQ has taught us, it’s to live in the moment. So as the night closes in, we look off to a setting sun for our last time on the water, and I’m sure we are all extraordinarily happy that we have shared this epic experience.