Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was a great first day for the trip. It started off earlier than we are used to but I was pleased with the breakfast. This was followed by a talk by Mike, the director, and he welcomed us to the B.V.I and discussed with us the adventures we’re going on, along with introducing us to the wonderful staff. Not long after, once the other boats left our dock, we were off to our first stop, Peter Island. We were split into groups and learned to sail the boat, learned to tie many necessary knots and learned how to actually set sail and got to drive the boat. Once we hit our destination, lunch began which was jam sandwiches, PB & J, and turkey sandwiches. Next up on the agenda was the swim test, just before the first dive. The first dive was a checkup dive. My buddy and I saw a shrimp which was exciting! That was followed by some great Sloppy Joe for dinner. The night ended with some talks with our whole dive troop. I’m excited for the dives to come!