Location: The Bight, Norman Island

It was an interesting start to our day. We were all woken up at 6 ish to the sounds of someone screaming in the water. We all jolted awake and sprang into action despite our grogginess. We effectively rescued two divers as a team. Some of us were snorkelers to spot the missing diver and provide rescue breaths, and the others called emergency medical services, set up the oxygen kits, calm down the responsive diver, and gave chest compressions on the surface. Overall, a very successful scenario. As some of us attempted to dry off, we ate oatmeal for breakfast and sailed to Road Town. We had some shore time to contact loved ones, eat lunch and shop for souvenirs. Once we were back on the boat, we prepared for the race against all the other AQ boats. During the race, we chilled while Gabe and our staff sailed. We came in second place which we were very pleased with. We then showered and ate dinner. Nolan (one of our shipmates who owns a pie company) started preparing his famous vanilla apple crumble pie and we wrote cards about our staff and shipmates. It was a very relaxing evening and a great end to an even greater day!