Location: Marina Cay

We woke up in Great Harbor Peter for another great day. We motored over to Village Cay (Road Town) to fill up on fuel and water. After that, we headed over to dead man’s chest Island for a five. On the way over there, there were so many waves that some people opted out of the dive. On the dive, there were plenty of angelfish and a nurse shark! It was almost 6 feet long! Lunch was waiting as we surfaced. It was tuna salad sandwiches. All of us were starving, so they hit the spot. We then quickly headed for Trellis Bay. At Trellis, we prepared dive gear and went on a 2 hour clean up dive of the bay. It was nice to give back to the islands, and so much got done as well! There were some bizarre things lying around, such as solar panels, boat parts, and even a head (a boat toilet….not an actual head). We then got back on board and took a fresh water shower as we traveled to Marina Cay. A delicious dinner of tortellini and salad was made. We are soon going to listen to the Jim Tuman tape. It is a speech about how the best things in life are not things; they are people. Then we will head for bed, ready for a new day.