Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

The sun rose out of the ocean and cast a soft light onto the spectacular BVIs. A boat named “Slow Motion’ stirred with the first signs of life. It was a beautiful morning to wake up to. Odd sounds gave us life; Chess on the whipping of pancakes and the gentle lapping of the water at our sides. Our busy day started with a sail to the massive Kodiak Queen. The Kodiak Queen was everything we all hoped and more! Various species of fish flashed before our eyes, as us Dolphins frantically surveyed tallies of what we saw for a roaming fish survey. For the Neptunes, the dive was purely educational. Being underwater is magical because we slow down and the pace of life is entirely as if it becomes you and the ocean. After the Kodiak Queen, we sailed to Guana Island. Here, we dropped anchor and watched the sunset as we prepared our scuba kits for our last night dive before our certifications. As I write this, the stars are coming out and day 12 will drift away with us as we prepare for another night in paradise.