Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was started slightly earlier than usual with an excellent oatmeal breakfast and yogurt. After breakfast, the Neptunes set up their dive gear and shuttled off to Changes In Latitude (another boat in our fleet) while the Dolphins stayed on Slow-Mo and waited for the others to come aboard. Neptunes stayed on Changes for most of the day, going on our wreck dive #2, eating lunch, then going for boat dive #2. Dolphins went turtle tagging, finished their proposals and dissected a starfish! For the wreck dive, we dove the RMS Rhone again and saw two reef sharks, a small lionfish, and a saw a turtle that was floating in ‘slow-motion’ about five feet in front of us! For lunch, everyone had grilled cheeses. To turtle tag, four Dolphin students were towed by a dingy, scanning the water for any turtles (3 were found). They also dissected starfish and found that they had two stomachs! After lunch, the Neptunes snorkeled before getting back to diving. During the snorkel, we saw the second spotted eagle ray in two days! And that brings me to right now; we are about to have Thanksgiving dinner (which smells very good!)