Location: St. Barth's

The only negative side of being docked at night is awaking to cars bustling instead of Ruth’s blaring music…but then Ruth turned the music up so that we could all hear it over the noisy streets. After that loud awakening, we all gathered in the cockpit for a delicious breakfast of…cereal. A wide selection of Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran and Mini Wheats were offered. After breakfast, William, Kris and I took off in our silver minivan with 3 surfboards taking up the other half of the car. Kris dropped William and I off to walk the surfboards down the beach while he went and picked up the rest of the crew. Once everyone got there, we grabbed the surfboards and took some tries at the waves. “Ethan killed it and Jacob less killed it” ~Ethan. In William’s words, “my experience was a failure.” I helped Beth get on the surfboard and she did everything right except she forgot the standing up part. Ruth and Kris showed us all up with their pro-surfer moves and then we laid back and ate our lunch ~sandwiches~. We took some more tries on the surfboards and swam in the water as well. Neil, Claire and William chased Kris around for a solid hour, if not more. Kris asked Beth, Alex, and I to play a game called “The Animal Noise Game”. He asked us various noises to make, one of which was a whale. Alex made the noise first and I took too long so Kris goes “This is the sound a whale makes”, takes a big gulp of water, and spits it out all over us. We all went to a beach club just a little ways down from our surf spot and hung out with drinks by the pool. We piled back into the car around 3 to make sure we were back in plenty of time to take showers on shore, which close at 4:30. After our showers we had a little bit of shore time to go buy food(mainly baguettes and candy) as well as walk around the town. Dinner tonight is Summertime Thanksgiving prepared by Claire and Ethan, which currently smells really good.