Location: The Great Barrier Reef

After having a complete breakfast, we headed to our dive boat where we dived twice in the afternoon. In those dives we saw turtles and different kinds of fish and corals. We were all amazed by the variety and the vibrant colors. Then we ate a really good lunch to be prepared for the next dives on the live-aboard boat, where we were going to live for the next three days. When we got to the live-aboard boat we did one dive where we also saw a turtle and lots of domino fish, and chocolate dip fish. After an exhausting day, we took a break for two hours where we were briefed on our next NIGHT DIVE. Everybody was exited and really scared but at the same time anxious to see some SHARKS (we actually did!), some giant trevally, rays, and small fish. The most interesting part was that we were all holding flashlights and the trevally had learned to hunt by these lights and killed any small fish that the light touched. Everybody in the group went on the dive and stuck close together. So finally after the night dive we all had diner and we went to sleep to be ready to do it all over again.