Location: Cairns

After a short bus ride, we reached the Aboriginal Cultural Park in Cairns. We attended various short shows, learning how the tribes that lived in this area would spend their days. They showed us the weapons that were used for hunting, the different foods they ate, the clothes they wore… my personal favorite show represented the story of how the world was created according to the aboriginal people: all life came from an egg and would be separated into two categories, the wet and the dry. Each presentation was accompanied by the sound of a didgeridoo. Most members of our group even tried to throw a boomerang and a spear, as if they were hunting for kangaroos or birds. After hearing the laws of the tribes, we all realized that our rules here at Action Quest, like no boys allowed in the girl’s rooms or walking around always in groups of four, are not that bad at all! Not long after we were back at the Motel eating some lunch and then we walked to the center of Cairns where we had several hours of free time. Not one member of the group came back without having bought something! Our day ended attending a lesson at Reef Teach, where we learned about the different fish and corals that we will be seeing in the next days while diving. I can honestly say that after all of this all I wish for is a shower and a bed! Expect the next installment in a few days when we are back on dry land with our whale tales!!