Location: The Great Barrier Reef

The day started bright and early at 6 AM this morning for those of us that wanted to partake in the morning dive. As the crew members on the dive boat made their rounds for the early wake-up call to each room, almost everyone that intended on diving this morning rolled over in their beds and slept through the first dive of the day. I somehow managed to motivate myself to get up out of my bed just in time to join Sebastian, Alex, and Blake for the dive. We dove for around half an hour as a plethora of colorful fish and coral greeted us as we swam in and around the reef. The sun was rising just as we surfaced and we got out of crystal-clear water, took off our gear, and dried off to meet everyone else inside for a nice big breakfast. Our day continued with a jam-packed schedule full of dive after dive. In total, we dove five times with a long three-hour break in between the third and fourth dive in which everyone either napped or went to the top deck. After the break, we all congregated inside for a dive briefing and got geared up to get in the water once again. A special shout-out goes to Amanda, who, as of today, is officially a certified diver and she even went on her first-night dive! Even though the dive site for the night dive was notorious for shark spotting (the reef’s name is Shark’s Playground), I was able to convince her to come with me to see some sharks, and did we ever! After the dive, we had dinner and dessert, and then the whole group went up to the top deck to have a squeeze session and some nice conversations underneath the starry Australian sky.