Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our day had an unusual start to it. Instead of diving the wreck of the Rhone and doing the Salt Island hike, we spent our morning playing cards, watching a movie, and learning how to drive the dingy! All this was happening while many of the dive side instructors worked to service the regulators. We then lifted anchor in the rain and motored over to the wreck through some swells that were big enough to splash up onto the boat! We dove the wreck in some current and reached a depth of about 50ft and saw much awesome fish all over the wreck! During our safety stop, we all held hands and formed a chain on the mooring line to stay together in the current. We surfaced only to realize that we were on the wrong boat. We were able to easily drift back to the boat and then sped off to back to Great Harbor Peter. I got to steer today on the way back while the rest of the shipmates napped through the sound of the compressor. We arrived and ate a late lunch of delicious soup, prepared by Addy and Riley. We snorkeled our night dive site for over an hour, where we had so much fun swimming and diving down. We then concluded our swim with a whale impression contest, which was won easily by Max D. We finished our day with another delicious meal as we prepared for our night dive! We’re ready for another great day tomorrow!