Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

On day 14, two weeks into the trip, we woke up at 9am and had oatmeal for breakfast. After we were done we cleaned up, then the divemasters set up the dive gear on the boat to get ready for the open water and advanced open water students so they could do their last two dives for their certifications so it was an exciting morning. As they were doing their final certifications dives the divemasters went for a navigation skill deep dive and the rest of our boat was taken wakeboarding with Megan and Mike. We came back up from our dive and the rest of the boat crew was brought back and we actually watched a movie about Irving Johnson sailing crew from back in the day. We had tuna sandwiches for lunch, cleaned quick, then left Muskmelon Bay to sail over to Cane Garden Bay to get ready for the seven-mile hike tomorrow morning. When we arrived in Cane Garden we made and ate Thai peanut chicken and rice for dinner as well as cake/brownie mixes for desert and settled down for a movie and bed because we completed our sail/dive chat ahead of schedule. What a great day.