Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started the day off with a hard wake up because the night before we didn’t go to bed til 11:30 at night. We had a delicious breakfast, after that, we had rotations. Our first rotation was nav. We had it with our skipper David and our mate Hannah. They taught us how to navigate through the BVI and landmarks. After Nav class, we went back to the boat and had Pico races. My team was Haynes, Juan, Pablo, Chris and myself. We won the race by a long shot. We had lapped the other team once. When we finished Picos, we had lunch. Lunch was wonderful also. Once lunch had ended, we went wakeboarding. Haynes tried for his second time and he got up for about 15 seconds and then fell. It was fun for the people in the boat but “knot” for Haynes. We all had our turns on it. When the wet ride came to an end we got to ride to our second confined water dives. My group was Chris, Nina and me. This was the second best part of my day because when we were down on the bottom a school of about 150 Atlantic Bumer, which is a kind of fish that’s popular here. Also, we saw a stingray, which was cool because we were in shallow waters so we were close to it. We came back to the boat and showered. When we finished that we had dinner. Dinner was great and we can’t wait for a great day tomorrow!