Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to another beautiful morning at Mountain Point, and ate a great big bowl of cereal. Then we got ready for our rotation day. We started off making Turk’s Head anklets/bracelets. Luckily, Maddie was there and did mine because after an hour and half of trying, I still couldn’t get it. Then we went to man overboard drills with our practice fender Timmy was saved. We came back for lunch and had really good white bean soup. After we took our PADI open water exams, which we all passed. Afterwards we had our first open water dive where we saw a stingray, a barracuda, and many other fish. It was so amazing, and I really can’t put into words how beautiful it was. It was so different than I had ever imagined. Now we are prepping for “Summer Thanksgiving” and Mike is joining us for dinner. After dinner, Mike played a game with us that made us pick three pictures. One described something good about yourself, one picture being something you’d like to change about yourself and one final picture that described the meaning of friendship. After we chose them, we had to explain what each meant to us. This was very meaningful and helped us figure out more about us and our fellow shipmates. We had a great night together and all continued to strengthen our bonds with one another. Tonight we have a sail chat, and we are looking forward to another great day in the BVI.