Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a pretty cool day! We woke up at 6m. We had a breakfast favorite and brownie! It was really good. And now today was the 4th rotation day we went waterskiing! We all made it, I have done slalom. And it was awesome! Then we had our last confined water dives. For me was the most fun thing we have done today! Then for lunch we had grilled cheese. It was so good! After lunch we went to Bella Vita to have a sailing lesson. We did a lot of games with the charts and stuff! Then after two hours of lesson we went to the Picos! It was so cool! We have done races, and we went for a ride with them. Then after Picos we came back to Lady A and we just chilling for a few minutes but then we all took a shower at the sea. After this we eat risotto and Caesar salad! It was really good. I’m now at the blue lagoon waiting for the scuba chat! And I’m really excited to go scuba diving tomorrow!