Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was another rotation day. We woke up after the BBQ and fell right back to sleep. After waking up for the 5th time we had oatmeal, then we went to talk about coral reefs. So now we all have coral reef specialty certifications… if we do the homework. After that, we drove to the Bitter End Yacht Club to get fuel and water. Then the Vega’s went snorkeling to the mangroves, where we saw a couple of barracudas and a stingray. While the Barracuda’s and Carina’s dove to the Rhone cannons for a navigation dive, Kelly was really happy because everyone did a great job, but James and Arie were great navigators. Then we had dinner, which was Mexican night, so Francesca and Elias made amazing Mexican food (veggies, beans, and taco meat). Then we had the squeeze questions asked what food/drink would you eat for the rest of your life. Now we are going to have a Lifeworks chat, and then we go to sleep.